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This podcast exists because we want to change the way people think and talk about sex. To do that, we'll talk about the relationships between sex, love and culture. And because we live in the greatest city in the world, we'll highlight Austin culture because we strongly believe it has something for everyone. 

Each week, we'll be your host as we explore the world of love, relationships and sex - all set in one of the most unique and special cities in the world. We'll entertain you with our authenticity and engage you with our no boundaries conversations about everything we think about and rarely discuss.


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mathis kennington - host

Mathis Kennington is a licensed marriage and family therapist and couple therapist. Born and raised in San Antonio, Mathis made his Austin debut in 2012 and has never looked back. Mathis spends his time between his two obsessions: Austin craft beer and Austin music. 


rhiannon beauregard - host

Rhiannon Beauregard is a licensed marriage and family therapist and sex therapist. She descended on Austin without knowing the impact it would have on her and fell in love. If you're lucky, you might be able to catch her riding an adult tricycle downtown yelling at random strangers.


sam patlove - producer/sound engineer

Sam Patlove is a sound engineer, musician, creative genius and producer. He's worked with local Austin musicians like Tameca Jones, the Greyhounds and Daniel Johnston. Much to the chagrin of many Austinites, Sam was recently married off the market. When he's not busy  with us, you can catch him with his band, T Bird and the Breaks

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andrew trube - co-producer

Andrew Trube is best known as one half of the duo: the Greyhounds. Andrew is a creative and musical entrepreneur that we're thrilled and honored to have as our co-producer. Oh, and he always looks like this.








latest episode

1.8 & 1.9: Safer sex is sexier sex Part I & 2

Image shared by ConquerAustin on Instagram

Image shared by ConquerAustin on Instagram

After the arousing conversation on good sex, we knew we needed to go here...but we were hesitant.  How could we talk about safer sex in our usual sexy, fun, provocative way.  After all, safer sex isn't exciting- it's the risk we find erotic right?  

"If we can help 10 people have safer sex, then it would be worth it" our talented producer and engineer said.  And he was right.  What we talk about in these two episodes will likely change your sex life and your life in general.  Don't believe a podcast about safer sex could do such a thing?  Have a listen and find out. 

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