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Season 2

Our second season is getting interesting...we decided we talked way too much about sex and not nearly enough about Austin in our last season.  So we are drying up and slapping on our chastity belts and heading out into the community to show you just how hot and sexy Austin can be.  But before you tune out if you aren't lucky enough to live in our great city- we tackle real life, real sexuality, with real people.  It's our normal wild and crazy stuff, but this time you'll learn more about other peoples lives and sex lives.  And there will be finger banging.  And nudity.  And love.  And Sex.  Always sex. 



Season 1

In our inaugural/virginal/novel season of Love.Sex.ATX, we explore all things related to love, relationships and culture. And because we live in one of the most incredible cities in the world, we highlight Austin culture. You don't have to live in Austin to love our podcast because we believe that Austin has something for everyone. We'll feature our favorite and most relatable pieces of Capitol City culture, including local musicians, Austin City Limits and of course date ideas, food and drink! Interested in checking out the latest episode? Visit our blog for a summary or check out our episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, PRX, Stitcher or Tunein.