Season 2 Episode 1: Real Love Sex Dolls

It started with a connection through a mutual friend, then Randi and Beauregard became friends, then we ALL became friends... isn't that just how Austin works- this city can be SO small sometimes amiright? 

Owning, running, and working in a family business presents its own unique challenges.  In fact, there is a whole world of counseling and coaching just designed for people in family businesses that need help because of all the unique challenges and stressors that a family business has.  Add on top of that a family business in the sex industry and you get a whole BUNCH of challenges.  Now add that you all make life-size sex dolls that a bunch of folks have sex with... well, that sounds like a perfect topic for a podcast. 

So allow us to introduce Real Love Sex Dolls (, the family that runs the company, and Zoe, our Real Love Sex Doll that joined us at Bud's Recording Services.  


Doesn't Zoe look real?  I mean... honestly.  

Doesn't Zoe look real?  I mean... honestly.  

So here is the family tree- Randi and Ian are married and have two kids.  Randi does social media and marketing for the company (she just left her not-for-profit at an Austin museum to join the business full-time although she has been working part time for years).  Randi's mom Staci started a sex doll business years ago and she is clearly the kinky one in the bunch.  Randi's Dad and Staci's husband, Rodney, a pretty stereotypical Mexican Dad, does shipping and processing of orders.  Ian and his friend got "inspired" by the business and the dolls and decided to develop their own business producing Love Doll Safe Products, like cosmetics, perfume, soaps, renewal powders, and other products that help you enjoy and take care of your dolls.  

From Left: Randi (daughter), Staci (mother), Rodney (father), Ian (son-in-law).  Front and center- the star of the show: Zoe

From Left: Randi (daughter), Staci (mother), Rodney (father), Ian (son-in-law).  Front and center- the star of the show: Zoe

Sounds pretty normal right?  Except it's sex dolls and Beauregard gets up close and personal and would never hold back on what she feels, smells, and thinks!

Tune in to hear about this amazing family and amazing industry and amazing product and, as always, this amazing podcast discuss sex dolls, family business, life, love and the pursuit of sex (dolls) in Austin, TX.  

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The vagina and the anus felt so real.  
The mouth, I had a different experience. 

Love. Sex. ATX.

Life, love & the pursuit of sex in Austin, TX.

Season 1 Finale Episode 10 Happy Endings

Having a happy ending in a relationship isn't as simple as a rub and tug by your local sex worker.  It's complex and there are ways to do it (with kindness, respect, and integrity) and ways to not do it (through manipulation, cheating, and mind games).  All good things need to cum to an end, and we start off our episode making a BIG announcement that will totally change in Season 2.  Listen on how we navigate endings, new beginnings, and life transitions in all stages of our relationship and other relationship.  

We break down 18 questions to consider when ending a relationship or breaking up with someone (according to author Dr. Stan Tatkin and his book Wired for Dating).   And we demonstrate, live and in real time, why breaking up is often a good thing for life, love, and the pursuit of sex. 


Love. Sex. ATX.

Life, love & the pursuit of sex in Austin, TX.

Season 1 Episode 8 & 9: Safer Sex is Sexier Sex Part 1 & 2

Image by ConquerAustin on  Instagram .

Image by ConquerAustin on Instagram.

What if we told you that the best way to have great sex is to take every step you can to make it safer? 

What if we told you that you can never do enough to make sex safer because there is no such thing as safe sex - only safer sex?

We have so much to say about safer sex that we couldn't fit everything into one episode. So we've dropped two - with two times the safer sex. We bring you the latest updates from sexual health educators and researchers to talk about how to prevent the transmission of sexually related infections and diseases. We talk about the importance of getting tested, and Kennington and Beauregard share their own histories with getting tested. 

If you're worried about your own sexual health status and what it means for your sexual health, listen up as we break down the facts and expose the alternative facts to help you make confident sexual choices. 

When you feel safe, you can feel free to explore sex in creative ways without fear. Be sure to listen to both episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes or Google Play. And as always, sharing is caring. 

Love. Sex. ATX.

Life, love & the pursuit of sex in Austin, TX.

season 1 episode 7: good sex part 2

Image by Cecilia Heinen on  Flickr .

Image by Cecilia Heinen on Flickr.

What is the number one predictor of good sex? 

Are male and female sexuality the same? 

What are the sexual skills we need to master to have great sex? 

What exactly is "coitling?"

We answer all of these questions and more in this week's podcast. We're excited to talk about the down and dirty details of good sex. In some ways, it feels like we've been working toward this episode since we started. Our purpose has been to change the way we think and talk about sex. We believe that sexual health is when we all feel okay with talking about sexual topics, which includes how to make sex better. 

Sex is about so much more than just orgasm. In good sex, orgasm is the fun peak of otherwise great experience. We need to increase pleasure with all sexual experience like sensual touch and engaging our other senses. 

In this episode, we talk about how to use every part of our body to make a great sexual moment. In our next episode, we talk about how to stay sexually healthy. Beauregard drops some truth bombs from her own sexual experience and Kennington shares a story about condoms hanging from trees. 


Life, love & the pursuit of sex in Austin, TX.

Season 1 Episode 6: Good Sex Part 1

Image by Dan Brickley on  Flickr

Image by Dan Brickley on Flickr

We've finally done it. We've listened to the masses, screaming in transcendent ecstasy for us, your esteemed co-hosts, to bring you the first of a two part series on...wait for it...good sex. Well, great sex. It's surprising how much goes in (pun totally intended) goes into having an amazing sexual experience? 

What is good sex to you? Tell us! 

Beauregard and Kennington agree. Good sex always starts with good communication. Regardless of whether you're scratching an itch with a one night stand, trying to navigate multiple partners in a polyamorous relationship or spicing up a long-term marriage, sexual communication is the foundation of any great sexual experience. 

It's not good enough anymore to talk about how often you want to have sex. You have to talk about what kind of sex you want to have. Most people aren't having sex just to have kids.

We do it because it feels good.

We do it because we want to connect. 

We do it because our partners' get grumpy if we don't. 


We here at created this two part podcast as a protest against bad sex, sex by obligation, apathetic-fake orgasm-get it over with-sex. 

We believe that while sex doesn't always have to mean that you're throwing the sheets off the bed and levitating each other to orgasm, it should always be authentic. 

In this episode, we talk about foundation of great sex. In our next episode, we get down and dirty into the nitty gritty of great sex. We demystify some common lies about sex and discuss the importance of sexual initiation. 

Are you looking for some practical and thoughtful insight on how to have great sex? Stay with us! This two-part harmony will be just what the doctors ordered.


Life, love and the pursuit of sex

Season 1 Episode 5: Setting Sexual Limits

Image by David Lofink on  Flickr

Image by David Lofink on Flickr

We here at Love.Sex.ATX would like to take a moment to celebrate the every odd podcast blog post. 

So, sometimes we can be a little slow on releasing blogs and podcasts like we should. We're still getting used a pace that celebrates our love for bringing you a quality podcast while still managing the demands of a normal(ish) life. I think we're getting close to finding that rhythm, but until then, please enjoy our fifth episode of our first season. 

In this episode, we talk about sexual limits. But this time, we're taking the conversation to the people. On a hot Friday morning here in Austin, TX, we stood outside of Zilker park during the much celebrated Austin City Limits. Yelling at people walking past us like a couple of carnies/panhandlers, we managed to get a few poor folks to talk with us about whether and how they set their sexual limits. 

Not surprisingly, very few people had ever directly entertained this question. Whether it was a group of young women thinking for the first time about what they're comfortable with, sexually, or a couple of seasoned partners giving each other inquisitive looks as they answered our questions, this conversation brings out something unique in all of us. 

Think about it. What do our limits say about us? Not just in sex, but in all things. There's something exciting about thinking about how far we're willing to take something. We think that a defining part of sexual health is communicating clearly about sexual limits. Whether it's a hard limit, something you absolutely will not do, a soft limit, something you might be willing to do, or a requirement limit, something you would be willing to do...with certain stipulations, clear communication makes better sex. 

So buckle up and enjoy this podcast, which we hope will stoke the conversation you never knew you always wanted to have.


The Austin, TX Podcast that celebrates life, love and the pursuit of sex.

Season 1 Episode 3: Cum A Little Closer.

Image by Bradley P Johnson on  Flickr .

Image by Bradley P Johnson on Flickr.

Yes, we skipped blogging about our second episode. We still have mad love for Episode two, in which we interviewed Tameca Jones. We got to talk to Tameca about how she introduces sensuality, sexuality and the erotic into her craft. I got to see this firsthand when I saw Tameca play at Winflo in Austin in what was titled An Intimate Evening with Tameca Jones. Tameca played with her audience like a lover. It was something to watch. 

Anyway, that's not episode three. In this episode, we push the envelope a little bit. We decided before we started that if we were going to be an Austin based podcast, then we were going to have to be real about it.

To pursue our desire to change the way we communicate about sex, we had to communicate directly and honestly about something that everyone thinks about. No matter who you are, where you come from or what your background is, at some point in your life - maybe frequently - you think about ejaculation. 

Your own? Maybe. Your partner's? Definitely. We all think about it. We all use language to describe it, but our culture has decided that these words are nasty or dirty. So take this language and turn it on it's head. 

It wasn't easy. If you listen to the podcast, you may think that the language is effortless and because both of us practice couple and sex therapy on a regular basis, we have no limits when it comes to discussing cum. 

But that's not the case. 

Behind the scenes, the four of us are toiling away at our own comfort levels. Rhiannon talked about how she was surprised by my hesitancy to talk about cum given my desire to protect my family and friends from judgment. She thought that maybe men don't have the same kind of freedom to talk seriously about ejaculation. Sure, we joke about it. We laugh about it. 

But do we really talk about it? 

This was all going on in the background of this week's episode. We're already three episodes in and we're feeling personally stretched and pulled by what we're producing. We hope you'll stay with us as we keep pushing the limits of what society says we can or should talk about. 

So cum a little closer and join us. It's sure to be a hell of a ride. 

Season 1 Episode 1: First Times

In the studio with Rhiannon and Mathis

In the studio with Rhiannon and Mathis

What was your favorite first kiss like? Was it a magical moment that kick started a great relationship? Or, was it the door way to a crash and burn? In our first episode, we're talking about firsts. 

We record our very first podcast in the studio. We record for the first time live in Galaxy Cafe and, most importantly, we talk about how to keep first kisses alive committed relationships. 

We're so excited to bring original and creative podcast content about the relationship between love, sex and culture. Because we live, work and play in Austin, TX, we'll feature the cultural influences of this technical, musical and historical melting pot. We'll feature the nooks and crannies of our central Texas oasis where there is something for everyone as we discuss relevant and meaningful topics from the world of love and sex. 

Why are we doing a podcast on love and sex?

In our day jobs, we work as a couples therapist and sex therapist right here in Austin. We regularly engage in the private worlds of love and sex. We bring that passion into the podcast to share with our listeners an authentic, humorous and intelligent conversation.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Catch us on Soundcloud and share us with your friends!