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This podcast exists because we want to change the way people think and talk about sex. To do that, we'll talk about the relationships between sex, love and culture. And because we live in the greatest city in the world, we'll highlight Austin culture because we strongly believe it has something for everyone. 

Each episode, we'll be your host as we explore the world of love, relationships and sex - all set in one of the most unique and special cities in the world. We'll entertain you with our authenticity and engage you with our no boundaries conversations about everything we think about and rarely discuss.


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rhiannon beauregard - host

Rhiannon Beauregard is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex therapist.  She loves talking about all things sexual and sexy...just have a listen and you'll feel like you know way more than you have ever wanted to about someone you haven't met yet.  A self-defined provocateur, Beauregard is already on the other side of the line before you even knew there was one to cross!  She's like the entertaining dinner guest that everyone wants to have at the table, but people wonder who the hell invited her? Tune in, you'll love her.


sam patlove - producer/sound engineer

Sam Patlove is a sound engineer, musician, creative genius and producer and at times, a reluctant voice of reason and reality on the 'cast.  More comfortable in the studio than on air, Sam says real shit from a real dude.  Think of him as the Robin Givens of   He's responsible for editing our jewel of a podcast and producing, making, and sharing his music with his band-ish T Bird and the Breaks

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andrew trube - co-producer

Andrew Trube is best known as one half of the duo: the Greyhounds. Andrew is a creative and musical entrepreneur that we're thrilled and honored to have as our co-producer when he isn't off touring.  Andrew adds a sparkle to the podcast that can't be recreated.  Co-owner of our recording studio, Bud's Recording Services with Sam, he's got the best ideas and anything he touches sounds amazing. 

latest episode

2.1: Season opening- real love Sex dolls

Meet Zoe, a Real Love Sex Doll and our guest for the episode

Meet Zoe, a Real Love Sex Doll and our guest for the episode

We get all dolled up for Season 2 of with our most memorable guest yet: Zoe a #reallovesexdoll and the family business that owns and operates the leading producer of life sized sex dolls in the United States. This isn't just your run of the mill interview show- we have a sex doll and she's wide open to answer Beauregard's "hard hitting" questions and fingers... as well as the mom, dad, daughter, and son-in-law who share the joy of this incredible toy.  

And honestly, her holes feel (mostly) real... dive in with us, elbow deep in a super sexy and erotic sex toy that has the potential to help a LOT of people.  Oh, and you can also hear a traditional Mexican Dad say "she's ready" when Beauregard is about to stick it up the doll's butt. Apparently, she's ALWAYS ready... 

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We are proud to endorse Real Love Sex Dolls as an exemplary product for sexual health and wellness.  They are proud to endorse for the same reason.  

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