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Season 1 Episode 1: First Times

In the studio with Rhiannon and Mathis

In the studio with Rhiannon and Mathis

What was your favorite first kiss like? Was it a magical moment that kick started a great relationship? Or, was it the door way to a crash and burn? In our first episode, we're talking about firsts. 

We record our very first podcast in the studio. We record for the first time live in Galaxy Cafe and, most importantly, we talk about how to keep first kisses alive committed relationships. 

We're so excited to bring original and creative podcast content about the relationship between love, sex and culture. Because we live, work and play in Austin, TX, we'll feature the cultural influences of this technical, musical and historical melting pot. We'll feature the nooks and crannies of our central Texas oasis where there is something for everyone as we discuss relevant and meaningful topics from the world of love and sex. 

Why are we doing a podcast on love and sex?

In our day jobs, we work as a couples therapist and sex therapist right here in Austin. We regularly engage in the private worlds of love and sex. We bring that passion into the podcast to share with our listeners an authentic, humorous and intelligent conversation.

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