Season 1 Episode 5: Setting Sexual Limits

Image by David Lofink on  Flickr

Image by David Lofink on Flickr

We here at Love.Sex.ATX would like to take a moment to celebrate the every odd podcast blog post. 

So, sometimes we can be a little slow on releasing blogs and podcasts like we should. We're still getting used a pace that celebrates our love for bringing you a quality podcast while still managing the demands of a normal(ish) life. I think we're getting close to finding that rhythm, but until then, please enjoy our fifth episode of our first season. 

In this episode, we talk about sexual limits. But this time, we're taking the conversation to the people. On a hot Friday morning here in Austin, TX, we stood outside of Zilker park during the much celebrated Austin City Limits. Yelling at people walking past us like a couple of carnies/panhandlers, we managed to get a few poor folks to talk with us about whether and how they set their sexual limits. 

Not surprisingly, very few people had ever directly entertained this question. Whether it was a group of young women thinking for the first time about what they're comfortable with, sexually, or a couple of seasoned partners giving each other inquisitive looks as they answered our questions, this conversation brings out something unique in all of us. 

Think about it. What do our limits say about us? Not just in sex, but in all things. There's something exciting about thinking about how far we're willing to take something. We think that a defining part of sexual health is communicating clearly about sexual limits. Whether it's a hard limit, something you absolutely will not do, a soft limit, something you might be willing to do, or a requirement limit, something you would be willing to do...with certain stipulations, clear communication makes better sex. 

So buckle up and enjoy this podcast, which we hope will stoke the conversation you never knew you always wanted to have.


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