Season 1 Episode 3: Cum A Little Closer.

Image by Bradley P Johnson on  Flickr .

Image by Bradley P Johnson on Flickr.

Yes, we skipped blogging about our second episode. We still have mad love for Episode two, in which we interviewed Tameca Jones. We got to talk to Tameca about how she introduces sensuality, sexuality and the erotic into her craft. I got to see this firsthand when I saw Tameca play at Winflo in Austin in what was titled An Intimate Evening with Tameca Jones. Tameca played with her audience like a lover. It was something to watch. 

Anyway, that's not episode three. In this episode, we push the envelope a little bit. We decided before we started that if we were going to be an Austin based podcast, then we were going to have to be real about it.

To pursue our desire to change the way we communicate about sex, we had to communicate directly and honestly about something that everyone thinks about. No matter who you are, where you come from or what your background is, at some point in your life - maybe frequently - you think about ejaculation. 

Your own? Maybe. Your partner's? Definitely. We all think about it. We all use language to describe it, but our culture has decided that these words are nasty or dirty. So take this language and turn it on it's head. 

It wasn't easy. If you listen to the podcast, you may think that the language is effortless and because both of us practice couple and sex therapy on a regular basis, we have no limits when it comes to discussing cum. 

But that's not the case. 

Behind the scenes, the four of us are toiling away at our own comfort levels. Rhiannon talked about how she was surprised by my hesitancy to talk about cum given my desire to protect my family and friends from judgment. She thought that maybe men don't have the same kind of freedom to talk seriously about ejaculation. Sure, we joke about it. We laugh about it. 

But do we really talk about it? 

This was all going on in the background of this week's episode. We're already three episodes in and we're feeling personally stretched and pulled by what we're producing. We hope you'll stay with us as we keep pushing the limits of what society says we can or should talk about. 

So cum a little closer and join us. It's sure to be a hell of a ride.