Season 1 Finale Episode 10 Happy Endings

Having a happy ending in a relationship isn't as simple as a rub and tug by your local sex worker.  It's complex and there are ways to do it (with kindness, respect, and integrity) and ways to not do it (through manipulation, cheating, and mind games).  All good things need to cum to an end, and we start off our episode making a BIG announcement that will totally change in Season 2.  Listen on how we navigate endings, new beginnings, and life transitions in all stages of our relationship and other relationship.  

We break down 18 questions to consider when ending a relationship or breaking up with someone (according to author Dr. Stan Tatkin and his book Wired for Dating).   And we demonstrate, live and in real time, why breaking up is often a good thing for life, love, and the pursuit of sex. 


Love. Sex. ATX.

Life, love & the pursuit of sex in Austin, TX.