Season 2 Episode 1: Real Love Sex Dolls

It started with a connection through a mutual friend, then Randi and Beauregard became friends, then we ALL became friends... isn't that just how Austin works- this city can be SO small sometimes amiright? 

Owning, running, and working in a family business presents its own unique challenges.  In fact, there is a whole world of counseling and coaching just designed for people in family businesses that need help because of all the unique challenges and stressors that a family business has.  Add on top of that a family business in the sex industry and you get a whole BUNCH of challenges.  Now add that you all make life-size sex dolls that a bunch of folks have sex with... well, that sounds like a perfect topic for a podcast. 

So allow us to introduce Real Love Sex Dolls (, the family that runs the company, and Zoe, our Real Love Sex Doll that joined us at Bud's Recording Services.  


Doesn't Zoe look real?  I mean... honestly.  

Doesn't Zoe look real?  I mean... honestly.  

So here is the family tree- Randi and Ian are married and have two kids.  Randi does social media and marketing for the company (she just left her not-for-profit at an Austin museum to join the business full-time although she has been working part time for years).  Randi's mom Staci started a sex doll business years ago and she is clearly the kinky one in the bunch.  Randi's Dad and Staci's husband, Rodney, a pretty stereotypical Mexican Dad, does shipping and processing of orders.  Ian and his friend got "inspired" by the business and the dolls and decided to develop their own business producing Love Doll Safe Products, like cosmetics, perfume, soaps, renewal powders, and other products that help you enjoy and take care of your dolls.  

From Left: Randi (daughter), Staci (mother), Rodney (father), Ian (son-in-law).  Front and center- the star of the show: Zoe

From Left: Randi (daughter), Staci (mother), Rodney (father), Ian (son-in-law).  Front and center- the star of the show: Zoe

Sounds pretty normal right?  Except it's sex dolls and Beauregard gets up close and personal and would never hold back on what she feels, smells, and thinks!

Tune in to hear about this amazing family and amazing industry and amazing product and, as always, this amazing podcast discuss sex dolls, family business, life, love and the pursuit of sex (dolls) in Austin, TX.  

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The vagina and the anus felt so real.  
The mouth, I had a different experience. 

Love. Sex. ATX.

Life, love & the pursuit of sex in Austin, TX.